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... . The underlying mechanisms of the challenge include social conformity and lack of incentives for change, and possible remediation strategies are faculty training and implementation of equity audits (Quadrant 3)
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... Effective & mechanisms & innovative models remediation strategies • Replication of HBCU • Social conformity; lack STEM faculty support of incentives for structures change • Effective cultural • University faculty responsive models (e.g., trainings and equity equity scorecards) audits FIGURE 4.
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... Target Population Adolescent Identity Development Theories Respectability Agency/Self-Efficacy/Self-Concept - Bandura, Mendosa, and Steele/Aaronson Discipline-based Intervention - Subject Matter Learning Underlying Organizational Theory Mechanisms (Models - Organizational Psychology/Organizational Behavior of Intervention) Distributed intelligence with polled knowledge Social supportive models Macro Examples: - The Algebra Project (Bob Moses)
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... Theoretical framework connecting individuals, their interactions, and context. Developed by participants in Breakout Group 2C.
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... Resiliency and coping models Critical race theory (CRT) , specifically with respect to interest convergenceb "Academic identification," based on how well male students perform academically "Self theory," based on encouragement of students to see themselves in STEM programs and careers a According to Estela Maria Bensimon ("Closing the Achievement Gap in Higher Education: An Organizational Learning Perspective" in New Directions for Higher Education, No.

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