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... Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a human resources consulting firm, along with Focus Group Corporation, worked with an expert panel selected by the TRB to develop the Employer of Choice Toolkit. This project was completed on October 1, 2003, and the Public Transportation Agencies as Employers of Choice Toolkit (Toolkit)
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... ence and what messages are important to convey based on their specific direction, capabilities and resources. Any transportation agency interested in institutionalizing the EOC programs should first closely review the contents of the Toolkit.
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... • What are the fundamental concepts for an EOC? • Why is a capable, committed, diverse workforce so important?
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... support the transportations EOC transformation efforts. Specific committees and meetings of transportation General Managers, Board Members, and HR Leaders should allocate time for the EOC Awareness and Collaboration Campaigns.
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... The participants should be a cross-section of the specific agency that had varying levels of responsibilities in regards to the rollout of the agency's EOC strategy. The "year in review" should focus on understanding whether the initial EOC Awareness Campaign was a success.

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