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... Finally, almost all of the DOTs responding to the survey and attending the 2005 Training Directors conference reported that they have either a strategic plan that clearly articulated the organization's programmatic goals and outcomes or a similar document that guided the content of their training programs and the infrastructure needed to support those programs. This direct correlation between the organizations' strategic goals and outcomes and the content of training programs is an essential ingredient for successful employee development in the first quarter of the 21st century.
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... However, for those results to occur and for public organizations to reap the benefit, there must be a seamless alignment and linkage between and among training and all other components of the human capital management program, and a similar linkage and alignment between and among training programs and the funding mechanisms to support training. Synthesis responses indicate that state DOTs are building from a solid base; however, substantial executive leadership and attention will be required to move the programs to the next level of strategic alignment.

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