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7 Alignment With the SMD Strategic Planning Process
Pages 35-38

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From page 35...
... initial discussions of the statement of task for this study that there was a sentiment to criticize the 2014 draft Science Plan for its lack of strategic characteristics. As a result, the SSB and NASA agreed to give the assessment committee the additional task of discussing the alignment between the Science Plan and SMD's strategic planning processes.
From page 36...
... NASA's Strategic Plan establishes long-term agency goals; it is developed by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) .1 In advance of each fiscal year, the Science Mission Directorate develops its portion of the agency's Annual Performance Plan, basing its structure and performance measure content on the Strategic Plan and the Science Plan.
From page 37...
... ↓ Strategic Objective 2.2 in draft 2014 NASA Strategic Plan: Advance knowledge of Earth as a system to meet the challenges of environmental change, and to improve life on our planet. ↓ Performance Goals and Annual Performance Indicators: Demonstrate planned progress in understanding and improving predictive capability for changes in the ozone layer, climate forcing, and air quality associated with changes in atmospheric composition.
From page 38...
... 4. That is, a task in addition to those outlined in Associate Administrator Grunsfeld's letters of April 10 and August 9.

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