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6 Outreach and Connections
Pages 45-46

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From page 45...
... Thus, the addition of the Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar as a significant diagnostic was seen by some participants as a "game changer," moving HAARP from being a facility to which a scientist brings a sensor to a science facility providing both processes for investigation and diagnostics to provide data. It was noted that creating a HAARP facility that includes both a heater and an incoherent scatter radar allows for the investigation of natural phenomena using artificial drivers in which, for example, the energy is generated as high frequency but delivered to the plasma as electron heating, after which the processes follow natural geophysical paths.
From page 46...
... Nevertheless, some participants thought the use of local controlled experiments in the mesosphere and lower troposphere/thermosphere region to address strategic NASA and NSF questions would be able to provide closure on a number of open questions, as delineated in previous sections. REFERENCES Koizumi, K

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