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... 12 Beyond ComplianCe and gas industry -- operators, contractors, and subcontractors -- will be responsible for developing its own strategies for executing this overall plan. Although the regulators set the minimum requirements for operating offshore, the industry needs to go further to decide which safety guidelines should be made mandatory for participants in offshore oil and gas exploration and production.
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... Strengthening the Safety Culture of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry 13 For example, a technologically advanced industry might be expected to have sophisticated incident data collection and analysis capabilities, which still is not the case in the offshore industry. Other concerns, such as the consistency and rigor of industry standards for safe operating practices, also need to be addressed.
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... 14 Beyond ComplianCe undertake new and different initiatives. Goals for offshore safety culture shared between the industry and regulators would help define new safety culture activities, such as coaching, sharing of lessons learned, and independent safety culture assessment.
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... dence-based decision-making process that involves reporting of accurate and complete data, analysis of causes and trends, and sharing of the data across the industry and with the regulators. More important, the industry and the regulators should go beyond ideas and possibilities and develop concrete plans for execution.
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... 16 Beyond ComplianCe COS could be even more effective in encouraging safety management practices across the industry if its members and associate members represented a larger cross-section of the industry. Barriers preventing other companies from joining COS may include the annual cost of membership or the requirement to undergo regular safety management system audits and make the resulting data available.

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