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... A-1 APPENDIX A REVIEW OF AVAILABLE TEST METHODS FOR DETERMINING PERFORMANCE-RELATED GEOSYNTHETIC PROPERTIES The geosynthetic properties that are related to pavement performance include the physical properties, mechanical properties, and interface properties between the geosynthetic layer and aggregates/soils.
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... Table A-1. Geosynthetic Properties Affecting Pavement Performance and Corresponding Standard Tests Material Type Property Test Standard Features Findings Reported in Literature TimeConsuming Expensive Repeatability Compatibility with Finite Element Model Geogrid Rib Thickness ASTM D1777 No No Yes Yes Thicker rib is preferred (16)
From page 170...
... Junction Efficiency ASTM D7737 No No Possible No 70% is recommended as the minimum value (2)
From page 171...
... Pullout Resistance ASTM D6706 No Yes Yes Yes Related to interface coefficient (27)
From page 172...
... A-5 References 1.

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