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Appendix B: Planning Committee Biosketches
Pages 35-40

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... Group Achievement Award for tropical cloud systems and processes and is a member of the NASA Ocean Vector Wind and Precipitation Measurement Missions science teams. She was an editor of the American Meteorological Society's (AMS's)
From page 36...
... Her lab is currently focused on using remote sensing tools to link aboveground functional attributes of plants and their diversity to belowground processes as part of a large-scale effort to remotely sense biodiversity and ecosystem processes. The unifying goal of her work is to understand how functional traits of plants link evolutionary history to current ecological processes with consequences for ecosystem function and stability on an increasingly human dominated planet.
From page 37...
... ECCO products support global and regional ocean circulation and climate variability research on time scales of days to decades. Emerging research foci are understanding the dynamics of global and regional sea level change, the ocean's role in Earth's energy imbalance, the provision of formal uncertainties along with these estimates, and implications for improving the global ocean observing system for climate.
From page 38...
... Her research focuses on understanding physical processes in the planetary boundary layer and parameterizing atmospheric turbulence in numerical models by conducting and analyzing field experiment data. Her current research interests include fundamental turbulence transport theory, stable atmospheric boundary layers, turbulence parameterization over heterogeneous surfaces, trace gas transport over complex terrain, atmosphere-ecosystem interactions, and air-land interactions.
From page 39...
... Teixeira was at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Undersea Research in La Spezia, Italy, the Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey, California, and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts near London, England.

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