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... 1 Transit ridership across the United States has declined for six straight years. Bus ridership, which has declined more than other transit services, is now at the lowest point since at least 1973.
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... 2 Analysis of Recent Public Transit Ridership Trends Change from 2012 to 2016 Also, moderate relationship for change in population and change in transit ridership. No relationship between change in zero-vehicle households and change in ridership.
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... Summary 3 Population has historically been a strong predictor for bus ridership, but mixed traffic (generally bus) ridership change seems unaffected by the increases in population.
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... 4 Analysis of Recent Public Transit Ridership Trends the case studies, far more research is needed to understand the impacts of these strategies on transit ridership. Case Studies Ten case studies were undertaken to better understand individual strategies transit agencies are using to mitigate ridership losses and increase ridership overall.
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... Summary 5 Agency Strategies Results King County Metro Seattle, WA • Bus Rapid Transit • Improved fare payment • New streetcar Bus ridership up until 2017 and then steady. Average speeds down.

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