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... 2 In this report, the research team identifies, documents, and categorizes the substantial, negative, and lasting impacts of transportation policies on Black residents as found in the literature. As the first deliverable for TCRP Project H-59, the report sets the stage for the project's later work, while also providing a stand-alone reference document that can be used by practicing planners, engineers, and educators.
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... Introduction 3   The Foundation for Transportation Equity and Mobility Justice Is Grounded in the Civil Rights Movement Contemporary struggles for transportation equity and mobility justice emerged from over a century of advocacy and activism, via civil rights traditions, so a mobility-justice framework for prioritizing racial equity in transportation decision-making can be considered an established proof of concept. Implementing agencies typically prefer to focus on measures that can be easily quantified using travel-demand models.
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... 4 Racial Equity, Black America, and Public Transportation founded in 1926 North Carolina by 13 African American Jitney Bus Drivers to provide safe and accessible transportation to their neighborhoods (Campbell 2014)

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