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... 56 Conclusions and Recommendations Airport operations are dominated by technology, but it is the humans running and managing the air transportation system that enable flight operations to occur in the safe, effective, and efficient manner that the industry and customers demand. Airport leaders looking to improve safety performance would be well served by investigating, analyzing, and mitigating the safety risks posed by the performance of their personnel within the systems that make the airport run.
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... Conclusions and Recommendations 57   9.1.2 Risk Mitigations in the Control of Airport Leadership Not all airport safety changes designed to mitigate human factors risks are under the control of airport leaders. The FAA, commercial air carriers, and aircraft and equipment manufacturers continually strive to improve aviation safety through the advancement of technologies and the revision of airport regulations.
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... 58 Airside Operations Safety: Understanding the Effects of Human Factors 9.2.3 Communications Skills Training and Enhancement for Drivers Airports should consider including in airside driver training courses information on the communications process and effective radio communications techniques. Additionally, practice sessions can be organized (whether with an instructor or using computer or mobile applications)
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... Conclusions and Recommendations 59   research could expand on this effort and provide the airport industry with greater detail into the areas addressed, setting the stage for more illustrative analysis of human performance in airport operations once data are captured in areas other than V/PDs. 9.3.1 Safety Investigation Procedures and Techniques While many airports have budgets and personnel that could support the formal training of a designated safety investigator, most airports likely will decide that such an investment is overshadowed by other budget priorities.

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