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3. The Industrial Sector
Pages 38-42

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... In addition, representatives of the construction industry were provided with the results of the survey and expressed concurrence with the conclusions. A basic study questionnaire was developed by the task force and distributed through key individuals within each industry group.
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... Although the primary responsibility for career assessment and development lies with the employer, other support organizations can assist in meeting this need: Organizations Employing organizations Technical societies Professional societies Mechanisms Counseling Seminars Guidance programs Workshops Communication and Data Exchange Between Companies There is an ongoing need for information transfer l~oth among individual engineers and in the industrial sector. As a whole industry stands to benefit significantly from the discussion and exchange of data within companies, between company components, within corporations, and
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... A number of support organizations exist to answer this need. Organizations Employing organizations Governmental agencies Technical societies Mechanisms Corporate communication process Technology transfer Technical publications Technical conferences Research and Development Project Capital Industry must maintain a balance between profitability and the dedication of resources to develop new business.
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... Industry has the responsibility to inform the public of the benefits of its technological achievements; however, a letter informed and more objective media base also needs to lie developed. The support organizations that have the potential to address this need include the following: Organizations Employing organizations Professional societies Government Technical societies Media Service organizations Mechanisms Achievement awards Documentaries Industry appreciation programs Press releases Employee recognition programs Recruitment Opportunities The key to any successful industry is people, and acquisition of wellqualified engineers is essential for growth and technical leadership.
From page 42...
... A number of support organizations exist to meet the need for letter recruitment opportunities, but the available mechanisms need to lie strengthened and expanded: Organizations Educational institutions Trade publications Technical societies Employment agencies Professional societies Mechanisms Recruitment programs Employment opportunity ~ .

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