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Trust in Cyberspace (1999) / Chapter Skim
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Appendix E: Trends in Software
Pages 281-284

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From page 281...
... · The COTS software might implement a user interface, thereby ensuring a consistent "look and feel" over sets of independently developed applications. · The COTS software might hide lower-level system details, thereby enabling portability of applications across platforms that differ in configuration, operating system, or hardware.
From page 282...
... Another way that software developers can avoid writing code from scratch is to exploit the growing collection of tools for transforming highlevel descriptions into actual code. Tools along these lines exist today to implement network communications software for client-server distributed systems, databases, and spreadsheets tailored to the needs of some application at hand, and for window-based or forms-based user interfaces.
From page 283...
... Two technical reasons are usually offered to argue that mobile code is attractive for programming distributed systems. First, the use of mobile code allows communications bandwidth to be conserved and specialized computing engines to be efficiently exploited: a computation can move to a site where data are stored or where specialized computing hardware exists, process raw data there, and finally move on to another site, carrying only some relevant subset of what has been processed.
From page 284...
... Thus, the mobile code dynamically defines its own high-level server operations high-level operations that can be both efficient and well suited for the task at hand. Besides these technical arguments, mobile code also provides an attractive architecture for the distribution of software and for system configuration management.

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