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Executive Summary
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... The Committee on Infrastructure Innovation of the National Research Council in response to a request from the National Counci} on Public Works hnpro~rement examined the following: promising research areas for the technological improvement of infrastructure; factors governing the adoption or rejection of technological inno~ration8; and, 1
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... The committee therefore believes that a framework for research on infrastructure systerrm should include efforts to build on existing modal efforts, by strengthening existing progeny and initiating efforts where needed. The berries common to all infrastructure modes include the large scale of public works projects that limit the ability of local communities to month and enhance their infrastructure, the absence of effective market mechan~me for adopting innovations, the fragmented institutional structures within which ~frastructure systems are developed and operated, and other factors.
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... To bring this program into icing,, the committee recommends that a two-year imp~cmcutation program ic initiated immediately to explore with the many constituencies involved In the infrastructure system the prereq~ ite8 to creating an organization that would provide the stimulus, focus, and coherence for a sustained effort in Rife structure research. The committee believes that the tasks of this tw~year implementation program should include: Defining the managerial structure, financial mechanisms, and the Iirmtatiorm under which this organization should operate; Developing a national agenda of research and development for infrastructure systems that identifies the current gaps in research and notes research opportunities for addressing problems common to several modes; Bringing into the program the talent "d expertise of the various ex~t~g mode research groups; Establishing minnnum goad and criteria for research and implementation; and Informing federal agencies, the user and professional communities, and the public about the opportunities for research ~ building a more eEective infrastructure system.

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