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Chapter 5: Summary of Recommendations
Pages 41-42

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... Intermediate Storage The Steering Committee recommends German support for the U.S.-Russian cooperative program to design and build a storage facility. Germany could contribute funding and technology, such as specialized construction equipment, metal and radiation portal detectors, access control and personnel identification technology, video cameras, and motion-detection alarms.
From page 42...
... Small MOX Fabrication Facility The Russian-German feasibility study recommendeci German assistance for the building of a small MOX fabrication facility in Russia with a consumption rate of one ton of weapons plutonium per year, in orcler to demonstrate the application of the technology in the Russian environment. The Steering Committee endorses this recommendation in parallel with several other activities, including collaborative work between appropriate German and Russian institutes and industries to analyze the operation of Russian VVER-1000 nuclear power reactors with MOX fuel.

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