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Guidebook for Conducting Local Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Studies  (2011)

A Guide for Assessing Community Emergency Response Needs and Capabilities for Hazardous Materials Releases  (2011)

Evaluation of the Use of Electronic Shipping Papers for Hazardous Materials Shipments  (2012)

Technical Assessment of Dry Ice Limits on Aircraft  (2013)

Emerging Technologies Applicable to Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety and Security  (2011)

Role of Human Factors in Preventing Cargo Tank Truck Rollovers  (2012)

A Compendium of Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Improving Local Community Recovery from Disastrous Hazardous Materials Transportation Incidents  (2012)

Feasibility of a Consolidated Security Credential for Persons Who Transport Hazardous Materials  (2011)

Feasibility Study for Highway Hazardous Materials Bulk Package Accident Performance Data Collection  (2013)

Test Procedures and Classification Criteria for Release of Toxic Gases from Water-Reactive Materials  (2014)

Model Education Curricula and Toolkit for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials  (2013)

Hazardous Materials Transportation Risk Assessment: State of the Practice  (2013)

Assessing Soil and Groundwater Impacts of Chemical Mixture Releases from Hazardous Materials Transportation Incidents  (2010)

Current Hazardous Materials Transportation Research and Future Needs  (2012)